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What happened to the flashy WR draft steal Josh Morgan??

What happened to the flashy WR draft steal Josh Morgan??

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I wouldn't speak so soon. I think it's many factors: he was given a lot of praise early by a lot of media, maybe beleived a little hype, the benching for Crabs should help. Most WRs don't really develop until year 3, he's had 2 offenses and 3 QBs in less than 2 years and had to learn all 3 positions and routes and that's after coming out of college in a running offense. Call them excuses, but that's quite a bit for a young WR to overcome that quickly. I still think he can be a solid number 2 for us.
This guy is showing all the signs of being a training camp warrior, but a regular season bust. What's mystifying is that Sing has stayed with this underachiever while Hill and Jones languished on the bench. Now that Bruce appears out and Hill has shown Sing the error of his ways, maybe he'll sit Morgan and give Jones a chnace?
we forgot, he can't catch passes that come down like punts.
Originally posted by bigmike55:
He needs a good QB to throw to him.

I guess VD did it all by himself? How about Crabs? Been catching passes as well. Ditto for Gore.
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"The Ball came down like a Punt, Coach"

I think we got a little jaded with Morgan last year, cause he had J.Hill suiting up as the 3rd Option, I think J.Hill was making Morgan look good, but this year, Morgan has been looking like shyt!
Nothing happened to him. People just forget that you have to see someone play for a while through a bunch of games before annointing them the next hall of fame player. Especially 6th round draft picks that look good in preseason against backup defenses.
Originally posted by PatrickJira411:
Can't win with Va Tech guys.

Seriously though, Morgan plays as dumb as he sounds. Quits on routes, drops easy passes, does not come back for the ball.

lol he does sound a lil like droopy
Excuses happened. All he talks about is tired legs and balls coming down like punts.

And I don't really care, Hill is a better WR, he was more consistent last year when given the chance.
I think Josh needs to mature a little more as a player and person. Once it clicks he can be a decent #2.
Disappointment. Excuses. Looks good in practice, doesn't make it to the field.

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Originally posted by 49ersnum1:
you would like to see a player like Morgan, after the rookie season he had, take advantage of his opportunity b.c of the Crabtree deal, and take off with it. He had a chance, and all he has done has dropped balls, say "it came down like a punt" get caught from behind even tough it should have been a TD. He's just had a down year. I would hope he can turn it around, and the 49ers look at this like a new season, b.c it is!! we have a favorable schedule, and we can win 7 of 8 games, we've just been losing the close ones, we have to turn it around. 7 0f 8 would mean 10-6


Were is the "Coached by Jerry Sulivan" choice, cause thats where my money goes!
He's ok, the problem is he dont have good QBs that can get him the ball.
With the emergence of Davis,Crabs,Hill, Morgan will have a tough time getting the ball.
The flashy WR draft steal Josh Morgan can be no better than the QB trying to get him the ball. If the QB is screwy ...receivers are all screwed.
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