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What happened to the flashy WR draft steal Josh Morgan??

What happened to the flashy WR draft steal Josh Morgan??

Going into the season we ALL had high expectations for Josh Morgan. Hell, even the fantasy gurus were calling Morgan a sleeper. The guy is on pace for a 500yd season with a few tds. Arnaz Battle has had better numbers and performances than that. Not what you would expect with all the hype and the flash he showed last season, the game winning td pass @ St.Louis. The nice performance @ N.Y, or the good game on Monday night football @ Arizona.

Now, Jason Hill is stepping up, and Brandon Jones wants nothing more than to be on the field. Josh HAS to put a nice game together v.s Chicago IF he wants to stay in the starting line up..
I always thought Hill looked better. I just think Morgan had more opportunities.
He needs a good QB to throw to him.
Hill has always looked better than Morgan. I don't understand what's so special about Morgan. He heard he can leap pretty high, want a cookie?
And if you look around the league, you would not mention Josh Morgan amongst the names of the elite or top receivers in the NFL.

At best, he's somewhere in the middle.

On the other hand, out of OUR group of receivers, I think he should be a number 2 or 3. He's not a number one receiver yet. Give him a couple more years to mature and learn how to catch everything thrown to him.
Can't win with Va Tech guys.

Seriously though, Morgan plays as dumb as he sounds. Quits on routes, drops easy passes, does not come back for the ball.
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Originally posted by bigmike55:
He needs a good QB to throw to him.

Well then, if that were true...NONE of our players would be catching passes. It's Josh...but he's young. Off Season I would like him to work on his hands & get a better feel for our QB.
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He may have all the talent in the world, I don't know? but his decision making and work ethic are reasons enough why he will never be an elite reciever. He has constant Brain Farts! Vernon Davis was the same way, but he was always a hard working player smart enough to change his ways and look at all the success coming his way.
Morgan looked great in his first preseason and hasn't shown much since then. Until he starts showing something, I'm unconvinced about his future with the 49ers.
he doesn't seem motivated. Start hill over him, maybe it'll light a fire under his ass.

He's always sucked in my eyes. I don't understand the hype, he reminds me of JJ Stokes

that ATL game where he got caught from behind did it for me

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I feel like Hill has more determination to get better and play harder. i don't know why Morgan just comes off as not trying hard enough sometimes.
what bugs the hell out of me is that even us, regular fans, have been calling to see what J.Hill can do. We see something in him. He may not turn out to be the next J.Rice, but we beg to see him touch the field. He FINALLY does, 7 games into the season, and he produces nicely and looks far better than Morgan has all year. WHY THE f**k DON'T THE COACHES SEE STUFF LIKE THIS!!!!? It's not like morgan has been tearing it up all year so there's no reason to give anyone else a shot.
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
I always thought Hill looked better. I just think Morgan had more opportunities.

Took the words right out of my mouth. I've never been a big fan of Morgan. I've always wanted to see Hill get his shot. Hopefully he'll get one tonight.
you would like to see a player like Morgan, after the rookie season he had, take advantage of his opportunity b.c of the Crabtree deal, and take off with it. He had a chance, and all he has done has dropped balls, say "it came down like a punt" get caught from behind even tough it should have been a TD. He's just had a down year. I would hope he can turn it around, and the 49ers look at this like a new season, b.c it is!! we have a favorable schedule, and we can win 7 of 8 games, we've just been losing the close ones, we have to turn it around. 7 0f 8 would mean 10-6
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