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If you were the head coach in the colts game

If you were the head coach in the colts game

Look at the MNF game. Saints were leading and continued to strike downfield. They needed those extra points to win as ATL got a cheap bomb play to Roddy White. I thought that was PI. Whte gave the CB a nut check if you watch the replay.

Also, the Saints coughed the ball up late in the game on a fumble. That kept that Falcons close, but because the Saints were striking earlier, Falcons jsut ran out of time.

It happened to us during the ATL game. Falsons were backed up chucked it to White and he got a fluke TD. They just kept on attacking us. Same with the Texans. The play that won them the game really was a deep post route to Johnson when the Texans were backed up. They ended up kicking the decisive field goal on that drive. That play was the one that made the difference.

If we want to be a legit team we have to keep firing and make the opposing D scared of us. Otherwise we are just another Vanilla 60's style offense.
After seeing what Alex Smith did during that last drive in the first half, I guess the prudent thing for me to do if I were the head coach would be to shut up and let him do what he wanted to do in the second half.
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I'd come out firing knowing that 14 points isn't good enough to beat Peyton Manning.
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