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So..... Are we still making the playoffs?

So..... Are we still making the playoffs?

I just got done reading Matt Maiocco's article on the 49ers and Cards.... And basically it's not looking to good for us. The Cards schedule is very favorable compared to ours.. I can see us going 9-7, but the Cards can win 10 or 11 games..



At Chicago (3-3)


At St. Louis (0-7)

At Tennessee (0-6)


At 49ers (3-3)

At Detroit (1-5)

ST. LOUIS (0-7)



At Indianapolis (6-0)



At Green Bay (4-2)


At Seattle (2-4)


At Philadelphia (4-2)


At St. Louis (0-7)

* * *

So if we split Cards series and win out in the division do we win the West???
I think even if we lose Sunday we still have a pretty decent shot. Our division is still weak, and our schedule becomes cake after this Sunday. I can see it happening.
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Even if we don't make the playoffs I'm still excited about where the team is headed. With the infusion of Alex and Crabs and another good draft, next year should be our target season. We still need a Rt and rushing OLB not to mention a safety to possibly replace Lewis.
We still have a shot. I think the Cardinals will stumble somewhere along the line.
I've said we wouldn't make it this year all along, that we're a year away. So I'll stick with my prediction.
Unless we can put up a streak of wins, 3 or 4 in a row starting this Sunday, we will be home for the play offs!
if we get there alex smith is going to have to play a major part in it
It would help things if Warner took a devastating blind-side to his gimpy hip.
Not this year. But, the team looks to finish 8-8, which is a game better than I thought at the start of the season.

The Niners' year is in 2010.
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
Not this year. But, the team looks to finish 8-8, which is a game better than I thought at the start of the season.

The Niners' year is in 2010.
If we shore up the O-line. Do you have any guesses on what direction the niners might go in that regard? FA and/or draft picks?
To me it looks like we need to go 6-0 in our division. No split with the Tards... if we do that i got us both 10-6 we win the tie break!!!! GO Niners

The best thing is we are almost half way through the season and can talk seriously about making the play off"s for the first time in a long time.
hell no
If our o-line steps up we will make the playoffs. If our o-line continues to play the way it has, we will not make the playoffs.
We need to beat a few teams that are better than us to make the playoffs. The Cards need to collapse against one of the easier schedules in the NFL to not make the playoffs... We'll see what Smith and Crabtree add...
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