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Patrick Willis Fathead

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What your calling fathead to willis dam?
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I'd sleep with mine, 4get putting it on the wall
They dropped the price on the Alex Smith fathead awhile back, I picked it up for $20. Hell of a deal. You really can put em up and take em down as many times as you want. I've moved it from wall to wall, room to room many many times. You also get a bunch of other smaller "stickers", I got a SF logo, a smaller diff pic of alex a fathead logo, and a "are you fan enough" sticker. I stick em all over the place and keep changing, the backs never seem to dull
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it could be placed right next to my jesus cross

jesus would be scared

Patrick Willis is the real reason Jesus died.

Jesus died so Willis can be born to play football

Leave our Lord out of this!

well, actually....they are right. Jesus died for all of us. Not only so we could play football, but so we could plead not guilty on judgement day.
Please Don't Merge Mods... I know there is a thread for this but I want everyone too see how cool these are and what you all get. Plus I will throw in some thoughts about them. (Below all the pics)

Clearly you can see this is as big as my door. It doesn't do it justice but I would say it is actual life size. P-52 would s**t if he seen this thing it's so big and cool.

I didn't take a pic of when I first took it out of the box and cardboard roll but here is what it looks like after all is gone. This sheet is huge... took up a good chunk of my floor.

Here are some of the extras. Notice the Frank Gore tradeable they included which was a nice surprise. I have that on my case of my 04 "Look how far we have come" team signed ball by I think 32 9ers.

Had to show off my Samsung 46" LCD TV but this shield is probably my favorite sticker of all of them.

Close up of shield

49ers Logo.... Also there are some fathead stickers I didn't really want to put up. A blue circle one and then a gold one but didn't want to put those up.

Probably my least favorite sticker. I am going to have my mom (i would mess it up) cut around the red part because the greyish part is just ugly.

Just showing off my Peterson personalized 8x10, Young auto 8x10 and the Bay Bombers colored pencil drawing. Notice the Rice light switch cover, I have had that since I was a kid. Probably 14 years now


I have a textured dry wall and so far the seem to be sticking well. Make sure you take a wash cloth with water and wipe away any dirt/dust. If you don't it will stick the the back of the sticker and lose it stickiness (thats a tongue twister). It sticks real well to that wood cabinet and the Gore tradeable to the glass is probably the best stickiness. Now I don't know if they will hold onto the textured dry wall over time but if they don't I will just use clear push pins to hold them up. No big deal, they are still really neat. I am thinking about getting a huge helmet where I have the blank tilted walls (above the Willis sign and the 9ers logo above my bed). Figure out where you want them and push tight... some texture can be seen through at a close distance but not far away. Hold them on there.... I tried to restick the willis 52 sign a few times and it is already not holding the best. I'd know where you absolutely want them before sticking them.

I paid 95.00 for mine with a 15.00 off code. I think shipping was 10.00. Google "fathead coupon code % off" and you can find the codes. They had some specials that where 39.99 but most are 99.99. I remember when these first came out I requested a Julian Peterson one. These use to be 180.00 but they had a buy 1 get one free one christmas so 99.99 is still worth it. I'd check the site out though... anyone who doesn't know about them they went from just a few football players to legends, every major sport, nascar, disney characters, everything. Plus you can make your own custom fathead with a picture you have (probably has to be a certain size resolution).

As I type down goes Willis... the other ones seem fine but that one is probably so heavy that it fell. I am going to put push pins on it because it feel and stuck to itself and KNOW looks like it has a few creases. DEFINITELY PUT PUSHPINS ON THE PLAYER IF YOU HAVE TEXTURED SURFACE WALLS. I CAUGHT IT RIGHT AWAY BUT IF THAT FELL AND SAT OVERNIGHT IT PROBABLY WOULD HAVE STUCK TO ITSELF FOR GOOD AND I PROBABLY WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN ABLE TO PULL IT APART.
oh f**k its a fathead
Your house looks boring.
That's awesome bro....

u ever planning on getting laid?
Originally posted by TheSixthRing:
Your house looks boring.

Ya. Especially the kitchen.
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
u ever planning on getting laid?

I'm married to the 49ers already. Thanks for your contribution.
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
u ever planning on getting laid?

I was thinking the same thing.
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