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Looking ahead to the Colts

we getting blown out on this game sorry guys!
I say, f**k it!

Originally posted by bornaniner:
we getting blown out on this game sorry guys!

Way to show some team spirit there guy.
Originally posted by baltien:

I don't see a reason why we can't put up points against them.

Two reasons:

1. Freeney
2. Mathis

Those guys eat poor offensive lines for lunch, and almost always go for the ball when they get there forcing a ton of fumbles. TOP/keeping Manning off the field won't do the niners any good unless they score touchdowns in those long drives. Even if they hold the ball for 7 minutes per drive, if they only get field goals at the end of those, it's going to be ugly.
I very much doubt we'll beat the colts, but if Smith is starting it certainly gives the game an added level of intrigue. I'm really looking forward to this game in a way that I wasn't three weeks ago.

...And Smith's very first career start was against the Colts...!

Hopefully that's the only bit of history that repeats itself.
colts are going to the super bowl, i hope niner talk doesn't explode if they whoop our ass
Way to keep up the faith guys.
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Originally posted by BirdmanJr:
Originally posted by valrod33:
They have the 9th ranked defense in the league. they are 19th against the run giving up 111.8 yards a game.
They are 7th against the pass with 179 yards against per game.

We all know about their offense.

IF and I mean IF the Niner to win this game they need to control TOP with the run, which is what they are supposedly built for

The Niners NEED to keep Peyton Manning off the field as much as possible, cuz if the Texans and Falcons can carve up our D i could only imagine what Peyton could do

We can keep Manning off the field for most of the game, but in five minutes he'd still beat us.

The trick is keeping Manning of the field and scoring TD's , FG's won't do it ,whoever starts is going to have it rough but I can't see Hill trading TD's with Manning and as weird as it sounds Smith just might be able to.
Originally posted by PA9erFaithful:
I have a few thoughts about this game:

I think that pretty much sums this game up.

This in my mind would be even a bigger upset than Philly over Oakland because Indy is at home and undefeated. Philly had to travel 3000 miles and McNabb was still rusty after his lay off. Interested to see what spread will be. I think 13 is about right.
Vegas has us as an early 10 point underdog. I can't think of anything that would make that inaccurate. Do I think we can win? Sure. I'm not sure if we are going to, though.

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Originally posted by teeohh:
colts are going to the super bowl, i hope niner talk doesn't explode if they whoop our ass

No it'll explode when Coach calls the first timeout of the game. [/b]
Originally posted by ninersush:
if smith is named starter (how can he not) it will be great so we can see if he was a 2 pump chump or something real.

hey this way we know definitively what we have and don't have. this is his best shot to succeed as he has a lot more talent areound him then ever b4. not to mention that we are not expected to win this game and if he does win it then i would say it legitimate. hell even if its a good solid game that is a loss that would be a great outcome. we need things we can build on. getting blown out is not that. hopefully smith playing well and the offense actually being productive will happen and we can have hope and build upon it.

You cannot come to that conclusion after next game. We need to study him for the rest of this year. And if there is no proven qbs in the FA, then we give smith next year too. I wana see him start an entire season. I'm telling there is a lot more to this kid then most of you think. He is basically still a rookie. And finally has weapons. He has went from Brandon Lloyd, Eric Johnson, and barlow... Too crabtree,VD, and gore. Can't forget Morgan too. Our 2nd and 3rd WR now are better then Lloyd was. I am 100% against drafting another qb this yeAr.
Originally posted by bornaniner:
we getting blown out on this game sorry guys!

No more posts for you!
well, the wr's arent as fast as the ones we have faced from previous weeks.

I think we can contain there offense

Gonna require a miracle though, and great pressure.
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
it wont be pretty if our O can't move the ball. can we run the ball out of our spread offense?

we can do whatever we want if we put our mind to it !
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