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How many of u think nate davis should start next year?

How many of u think nate davis should start next year?

Originally posted by CorvaNinerFan:
I think he should have every opportunity to compete for the starting position. Singletary didn't want to throw him to the wolves like he saw happen to Alex. With a year to learn the offense, he should be in prime condition to compete for the starting job. He looks to have the right size, arm strength, mobility and confidence for the job.

I was equally impressed with the little we have seen so far. Let him compete next season and let's also draft another QB in the middle of the draft. We need to improve our O-Line and pass rush with the first couple of rds.
57% of the people polled have foolish and nieve unrealistic dreams of Davis picking apart offenses with his cannon arm, however history shows that rarely do 5th round picks amount to anything more then a backup.
It's official, 57 percent of people on this board are retarded.

Originally posted by Buonaparte69:
Originally posted by BobS:
Start? He needs to get some garbage time reps first. I think he should have seen the field against Atlanta, but he didn't.

couldn't have happened anyways...he was listed as inactive for that game (for whatever reason)

Probably the "Third QB Rule"
I'm not trusting an entire season on him. We better have a plan B not named Shaun Hill or Alex Smith.
I haven't seen the guy do anything that warrants him to be startign next year. Gotta see him in real games. To be honest I just don't know what to expect out of this guy
worry about it next year ! we need to look at next week !
yes start nate davis, and also thomas clayton because he looked good playing against other teams 3rd team defenses
It's still 57% for starting Davis next year, which leads me to say that it's a good thing that polls on fan boards don't determine who's going to be starting. Davis isn't ready and he has a long ways to go before he will be. Given time, he may just develop into a very good QB and possibly even a good starting QB, but you've got to remember that he's still very raw.

Clausen should start next season
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Man, the guy made some nice throws against other teams scrubs in Pre-Season. He looked ok but come on! Most likely he is not the answer to our prolonged QB problem we have been having.
What's there to go on for fans to have an opinion right now? He did aiight against 3rd stringers in preseason for a handful of plays. But then again, a lot of 3rd stringers in the NFL do.
I would love to see Nate Davis in the mix competing for a starting job. I have no clue on how fast he has caught up with the offense or not but that kid has potential. We all know about his arm strength and from what we saw in the preseason he looks like he can get the job done. The Niners will probably draft another QB as well I just hope they don't do it in the first round again. I've seen plenty of good Non first found QBs get drafted in the past.
Let's see strong arm: check. Accurate:check. What's not to like about Davis.
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