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"Dre's gonna be Dre."

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This is so revolting it deserves its own thread:

Unapolegetic Bly: "Dre's gonna be Dre."

He actually referred to himself in the third person!


Dre's gonna be Dre?

Dre's gonna be cut.

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Why is this clown ahead of Tarrell Brown in the depth chart?
Dre's is gonna be fired.
Of course, he's from the hood right?
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yeah........I think Im going to retract my earlier thread to extend his contract. I still think he's a good corner, but there's a reason why he's number 3 and making league minimum. I guess Dre's gotta be Dre.........
I know the guy has been decent for us but this should not go unpunished. Who celebrates when your getting blown out? Can't win with them. Don't need them!
I would say, "cut him", but they aren't going to do it, because the Niners need him right now.
Can Dre be Dre after he gets into the endzone please. Thank you.
Originally posted by kronik:
Why is this clown ahead of Tarrell Brown in the depth chart?

He needs to sit in favor of least for a game.

Calm down fellas...Dre is a cornerback in the nfl and they all think like this. He has made some good plays this year and a lot of fans were on his nuts through the first four games. He made a mistake... a horrible mistake but hey they should make them all in one game right.
I would hate to be him right now....
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Dude...who starts celebrating a should be interception for a touchdown 50 yards from the endzone?!?!?!?

I would seriously not mind if he got benched. What a freakin' idiot. That was dumber than Desean Jackson dropping the ball just before reaching the endzone last season.
Yeah, Dre's gonna be Dre. SLOW.
Inexcusable and his post game comment is just pathetic.Like another poster said,he needs to be benched a game
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