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Shaun Hill is Clutch!!

Shaun Hill is a game Manager nothing more a poor man's Dilfer the year he was with Baltimore - Even Billick knew you could not sustain winning with that model and cast him off the year they won the SB - You can win with Hill as a game manager but they will never be an Elite Team with Hill at the Helm - look at the Difference Ryan Makes for the Falcons - You think with Hill they would be this good - no way in hell.

9-7 maybe 10-6 first round playoff exit - a very good year and step - but first thing Cut Smith and Hill and upgrade the OL - if Davis is to Young fine trade for Seneca Wallace in Seattle at least he can make plays and throw...
If he is Clutch he has one hell of a task in front of him
It seems that our offensive challenges have been exposed. Hill is a manager; but now, we need him to have HUGE balls!

Damn it!
Shaun Hill is suck?

All great QB's have that one special gift that separates them from the mediocre. Whether its Brady's poise or Big Ben's ability to get out of trouble or the Manning brothers arm strength. Hill doesn't have one. The ability to mange a game is code for "hey, don't fvck it up" and that is not a gift but rather a concession. Until our defense is as strong as the Ravens or the 85 Bears, that aint enough.
shaun hill is like a slipping clutch
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This thread makes me "Lmfao."
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