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If the Jets are busted for tampering, what should the punishment be?

If the Jets are busted for tampering, what should the punishment be?

Originally posted by backontop:
hasn't this been a thread about 6 times today already

Sorry if this is a repeat, I hadn't seen this poll, so I thought it would be good for discussion.
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Mark Sanchez's name should be legally changed to Dirty Sanchez.
Originally posted by blunt_probe:
All of their first rounders until the end of time would be nice.
I like the way you think. Do you by chance work for the IRS?
Originally posted by wysiwyg:
A mandatory trade -- Sanchez for Smith

people stop...

we wont be receiving a draft pick from them, had Crabtree legitimately held out and never joined the team, then yes, we most likely would have...

now the league likely just takes a slightly high pick from the team and voids it. much like our 5 rounder in regards to Briggs..

one thing i noticed however is that not only did the jets trade for a receiver quite promptly which gets them the big receiver they wanted, but they also use picks in the upcoming draft that would likely get taken away due to the tampering...if found guilty, id suspect the league takes away either their 2nd or 3rd round pick, which ever pick the browns dont get from the Edwards trade...

so if Edwards gets the set amount of catches set forth by the Browns, they receive the Jets 2nd round pick, and the league takes the 3rd round pick from the Jets, if Edwards doesnt get that set amount of catches, the Browns get the 3rd round pick, and the League takes away their 2nd round pick....

this is what i would be looking for should again, the Jets be found guilty of tampering with Crabtree...

and again, we will not receive compensation, unless its some 5th-7th round pick, not because of an East coast bias, but simply because that is obsurd that we would receive a high pick from the team when we actually got the guy signed...
Originally posted by stevenking57:
Originally posted by fryet:
3rd round pick. This poll is really slanted - the author seems convinced that the 49ers will get a ton of compensation for this. 5th round pick wasn't even an option, which is sort of what the 49ers paid in their situation.
My point of view is that the Jets POSSIBLE interference with signing Crabs is a lot more serious than our screw up with Chicago. What we did was stupid and misinformed and we were fined a third and fifth round pick. The Jets actions may have been much worse as they may have been INTENDED to steal away Crabs regardless of his being the Niner's draft choice. The NFL should be concerned with a team trying to undermine the whole draft system and the slotting of pay to rookies. The Jets weren't just screwing the Niners, but every other NFL team too. Had the Niners caved, every NFL team would be hurting in next years draft as agents used Crabs settlement as an excuse to demand more money. I am sure the NFL understands the difference between what the Niners did and what the Jets may have done.

I agree with you. Ranks up there with what New England did because it effects every team in the NFL. I could see getting a 1st yes we got Crabtree signed by week 5 but will not play until the Texans game (limited at that) at the earliest and his productivity for his entire rookie season will be down.
Forget the draft picks. Mike Singletary gets to kick Rex Ryan in the nuts. One kick would be good enough. I lost all respect for that jackass when he said "49ers should feel lucky we don't play them this year."
Originally posted by krizay:
With no 3rd or 5th. I see a 4th round pick. But who knows if Goddell thinks it may have cost us 4 games of Crabtree services it may be a higher pick.

Anything's better than nothing.

Too bad we dont play the Jets this year, Wouldn't it be ironic if Crabtree caught a pass near the jets sideline and crushed Rex Ryan as he was going out of bounds. I think I'd die laughing
My understanding of this is that, it is up to the commissioner discretion how he would deal out compensation /punishment dependent upon the findings of each case. So what he did with the Niners and the Bears may not necessarily the same with the Niners and the Jets.

We may end up with a better record than the Jets. So if he forces a swap in the first round with the Jet, I'm good with that

Rex Ryan should be gutted from stem to sternum!
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Originally posted by PersonalFoul:
Originally posted by wysiwyg:
A mandatory trade -- Sanchez for Smith


With this OL, Sanchez = Smith. I'd take some quality guards or something.
Originally posted by B650:
Originally posted by PersonalFoul:
Originally posted by wysiwyg:
A mandatory trade -- Sanchez for Smith


With this OL, Sanchez = Smith. I'd take some quality guards or something.

I wouldn't go that far, I think Sanchez just has it, but playing behind our line would make him get beat up. Definitely hope we pick up any and all lineman we can get though.
goodell seems obsessed with making statements. to me, it seems apparent that jets have had other issues of tampering accusations that werent followed with any penalty, not even a token one. if goodell wants to make this into a statement penalty, we get a 2nd or a 3rd. had we not signed crabtree, it shoulda been a first.

but i think in the scenario of alls well that ends well, at best we will get a 5th and a swp of 3rd round picks, match what we got nailed with. at worst and in my eyes more likely, much like other jets tampering charges, swept under the pursue it ruins a good story in the jets, involves more proof then heresay and frankly demolishes the reputation of their own employee in peion and ruins an agent's business who tends to represent some of the bigger clients in the business.
I think a fair penalty would be if they lost their 2nd or 1st round pick and gave us their 4th. Since they traded their 3rd and 5th for Braylon Edwards, that is the most plausible scenario.
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