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If the Jets are busted for tampering, what should the punishment be?

If the Jets are busted for tampering, what should the punishment be?

1st Rnd Pick


Stick a Pineapple up Rex Ryan's a$$

F the Jets.
Originally posted by Giant9er:
Originally posted by alanbeez22:

Damn I love that hit. I remember hearing it all the way across the 'stick.

he got hit so hard he forgot he had legs! his soul prolly left his body from out of body experience for a few seconds!
Give us Mark Sanchez
Originally posted by MaliCali:
I'm not on any high horse..knowing facts is simply being correct.

what i was saying wasn't really directed towards you either..

this forum has a very huge case of people having no idea what they are talking about and just blabbing on about it however.

I agree, but you did quote ME and say "you're BOTH wrong," which means you obviously were directing your comments toward me. I confused myself by reading everyone else's misinformed posts and accidentally said we lost out on our 3rd rounder instead of the 5th. I noticed my mistake and edited it, but you obviously quoted before my edit was complete. Your post was condescending, and instead of just clearing the matter up, you felt the need to act superior and even post your little smilie, which is why I said to get off your high horse.

Anyway, it's all good.
Oh and LOL @ people wanting Mark Sanchez now. Going into the draft, he was projected to be available at the 10th pick and I expressed the desire to draft him. A lot of you didn't want him and I was even called an "idiot" several times. Now everyone wants him. Big surprise there.

Crabtree was my first choice in the entire draft, but nobody, including myself, thought he'd be available so I was hoping for Sanchez.

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Go half on the new stadium.
When the NFL got the Niners' proof that the Jets were tampering they sat down with their #2 favorite team (Jets) and said "you need to go after a wr in a trade or we will be forced to give the 49ers your draft picks." The Jets told Parker that the deal for Crabtree was off and the Jets went after Edwards. Next up the NFL will say some SH!t like, "Parker called the Jets and the Jets said we can't talk to you because it would be tampering." They'll say the Jets called the NFL headquarters right away and reported Parker's call. We won't get jack for the Jets tampering. It will all be swept under the rug.
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The Jets should be put on timeout.
be forced to listen to Cris Collinsworth's color commentary....any of his games.....

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I could see us getting 2 second rounders. That would be awesome. 2 firsts and 2 second round picks in a very deep draft. Yes please.

We'll probably get a 4th rounder
It all depends upon what they get busted for. If they only get busted for some minor infraction, then they can expect what the 9ers got over the Briggs affair. On the other hand, if they get busted for floating out some sort of a proposal to sign Crabtree along with him sitting out the season to do so, then losing a first round pick wouldn't be enough punishment.
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