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Players we MUST retain!

Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
I know Aubrayo Franklin is having his best year here in his contract year (big surprise), but he is playing at a VERY high level.

Does anyone thing we should be taking a run at extending him for two or three years before he hits the open market?

He's not Wilfork, but he's keeping Willis & Spikes clean and he should be a lot cheaper.

2 year extension seems good, by then we should have a good idea about Balmer.
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Damn Oldman, I really think you should make a new thread for that. Great information!
Great work as always oldman.
a couple notes:

we may not need clements once his contract is up. we draft a couple more CBs, and by the time his contract is up, will he still be our top performing CB??

lawson yes
harlson yes
gore MAYBE. once again, by the time his contract is up, will we still want him? its a while from now. maybe coffee is starter worthy now? maybe we grab another young RB
willis oh yes
davis oh yes
spencer yes (young)
brown maybe. depends on how much better he gets
goldson yes. even if not as a starter, as a backup.
sckillop yes
balmer maybe. depends how he progresses

I know he's not a player, but I think the most important extension will be Mike Singletary's.

Yes... I admit it. I'm drinking the Kool-Aid!

All of our defense is pretty young. If we keep bringing in good draft picks and they get a chance to develop we will be in great shape. We could draft a NT to develop and back up Franklin and move Balmer to DE. We look like we have a pretty good Dline with Sop, Franklin and Smith. With McDonald, and Balmer backing up. It will be pretty interesting if RJF turns out well. That would be our six DL. If we can get a quality NT in the draft it would round us out.

LBs are pretty good this year. Lawson seems to be developing into a player that really helps the team. I am still hoping that he will get 7-10 sacks along with all of his other good play. Haralson has not gotten as many sacks as I had hoped he would have by this time. Willis and Spikes are playing lightsout. But the surprising players are our backups. Brooks, McKillop, and M. Harris have played very well and we do not lose much by them playing. So that is 7 quality players. We need 1-2 LBs in the draft.

Our backfield has played very well so far. Goldson is holding his own and if he can get through the season without getting hurt will be wonderful. I think he will do well for us. I want to see a few more interceptions out of him. Clements and Spencer have played well, and so has Lewis. I think Brown and Bly have done well also. Roman has been steady but it is his time to go after the season. Reggie Smith has played well and hopefully Taylor will develop into a replacement for Roman. A good CB and or safety would be a good draft pick for us.

But our Oline need much help. We clearly need a RT. LT is pretty secure and Center is steady but not spectacular to me. I think Wallace is not going to make it. I think Snyder is playing just like he is, a good backup. A M. Oher style player is one of our priorities in the draft. We also need to draft some quality OGs and a true backup for Heitmann. I don't think Wallace is going to cut it and he needs to be released if he can't help us any place but Center.

WR seems to be settling out and if Crabs can produce we look good at WR. The next issue is if Hill keeps developing and Smith and N. Davis is the real deal in waiting we are settled there. So the other issue is Gores health and whether Coffee can develop to a good back.

Lots of work to be done, a number of good guys to get secured on the team. Willis, V. Davis, A. Franklin, Lawson, T. Brown need to be done soon. Lots of new players needed especially on the Oline.
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Originally posted by SolRebe1:
Abrayo. Its a shame it took him a while to play as good as he is now.

Franklin merits re-signing. Since Manusky has taken control of the defense, Franklin has played quite well.
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