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Dude, what's up with Jeff Ulbrich?

Spikes Tv

He's freaking me out!
roid rage
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i don't know but i thought it was funny as hell!
Jesus Takeo is f*cking big... and ulbrich... funny

I agree with him. my hawk gives me magical powers too
he's so hot right now
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LMFAO watch it a second time and just stare at him. might be the funniest thing i've ever seen lol

Maybe he slammed some meth
That was funny stuff! Brich is a dork...LOL!!!!
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I saw that, freaked me out. I think he was flexing so that's why he was shaking so much.

It was supposed to be a joke lol.
Very akward video, esspecially when they are with Chilo and Ulbrich is looking like he wants to rape someone.
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