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Dude, what's up with Jeff Ulbrich?

If it wasn't a joke, dude was tripping b*lls.
Chilo Rachal still has a lot of baby fat.
Hey, Staley... why the long face?
Ulbrich reminds me of Rick Steiner of the Steiner Brothers from WCW. (the guy on the left)

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lordy, not even really sure what to say on that one.
Brick had just finished his 9th cup of espresso, apparently.
Spikes and Ulbrich work well together. I hope they continue there duo. LBacker twins....activate...form of.....
Man the stuff that goes on in the locker room who knows, they may have put tiger balm in his jock. And made him do the show.
It is all the UFC rage! I guess that is why he is still around 10 years later!

Originally posted by NineFourNiner:
If it wasn't a joke, dude was tripping b*lls.

That's the only explanation. He must have eaten some fresh 'shrooms.
"Cocaine is a hell of a drug"
he's def high on somthing. he's twekin out
Concussion syndrome
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He is the next Ultimate Warrior!
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