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Come on 49ers make the playoffs!
we WILL make the playoffs
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Originally posted by RonMexico:
f**k marshall faulk
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Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
He's been smoking some real good stuff. Has he seen our QB's and our pass rush?

has he seen nate clements play?
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I’d say his comments are defiantly almost 80% of half correct.
he's only saying that cuz I stopped some dudes at a strip club trying to pick a fight with him. After we took a pic together, I told him I was a niner fan.
Originally posted by father49er:
Marshal Faulk is now one of my favorite running backs.

Same here. Some hate him because he played on a division rival, but I got respect for him. Other former players will never even give Niners any credit or positive predictions (i.e. Collinsworth, etc.)
Thanks for supporting the 9ers Faulk. Somebody has the balls to say that we will play good this year. Everyone else copies each others predictions cause they are too scared to come up with their own.
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Is it me, but didn't Marshall say the same shyt last year when we got Martz as OC

he said the something last year
Smart man.
Originally posted by lamontb:
he said the something last year

Exactly, he was picking us to go to the playoffs and was saying that Gore would love Martz offense was going to have a great year.

I respect the guy as a football player but his analysis has not been that accurate.

I also don't see why anyone is cheering just because one guy says we are a playoff team. We have a lot of question marks..... to many to really consider ourselves a playoff team.

Poor QB, Poor Pass rush, Questionable receiving core, tough schedule and the only bright spot is a good RB.

I will be happy with .500
I hope he's right, but I doubt it.
Originally posted by Carney16:
Originally posted by Chief:
Originally posted by Carney16:
I'm on my itouch cans I has summary?

"They are going to unveil 6 of our bust today."

Bust? Or best?

"Bust" as in the six Coors Light commercial interview spoofs. The six busts are of Herm Edwards, Brian Billick, Dennis Green, Jim Mora, Mike Ditka, and Romeo Crennel.

The interview itself was less than vanilla. Run the ball, dictate the progression of the game, disappointed with Crabtree, Sing is going to be a good coach, etc.
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