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Does Singletary only get 1 year?

Originally posted by WestCoast:
If Shaun Hill fails and the season is a loss, does Jed look to Holmgren, Shanahan, or Gruden to right the ship??

I'm starting to think if there aren't any playoffs this year, Sing could be on his way out.

Absolutely not. And his fate is absolutely not tied to the QB. If the running game re-surges, the defense continues to improve, and special teams play is solid then Singletary has done a great job.
For better or for worse he is a first year head coach and he needs to be afforded the time to build his football team.
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He could quickly be on thin ice if the offense fails miserably and the D is average again and we finish 6-10. I'm a newb in terms of posting but I've been following this site for many years. This is a great group of fans.

This is an article I just wrote that I think all you guys would get a kick out of. It goes along with the question of whether Singletary is surrounding himself with the right expertise at O-coordinator.

I hope you guys will check it out and let me know your thoughts!
Originally posted by knumrock:
IMO, I feel that is highly unlikely. Sing is one the best things that happened to the 49ers in recent years. He's a coach that for once has the respect of probably all the players on this team. He should be given more than a year to get them in the playoffs.

You base this opinion on what exactly?

If it gets rid of McCluless as well, then yes I hope Sing gets one season if he fails miserably this year.
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