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Huard vs. Davis

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Originally posted by BigMar:



good bye Huard

My list would go..



Originally posted by GolittaCamper:
What about Smith vs Davis?

Awesome question, i know it's wasn't the subject title but we all have to be worried about Alex Smith, I am a fan of Alex but he is not showing this team a reason to keep him....Can he play against San Diego? if not, should he be the number 3? cos Nate seems to be a natural and he moves very well....Well lets see how Nate does against San Diego...
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Davis needs to be kept on the 53 man roster. He can sit for a year and if he shows enough then the Niners can finally address OT and OLB with their first two picks next year
All I gotta say is Davis looks pretty legit. At this point, I understand Hill gives us the best chance to win but Davis is making a strong case to supplant Smith as No. 2. I think, given that the 9ers have 2 1st rounders next year, at some point this season if we are not in contention Davis will get a long look at QB. He reminds me of McNabb. Not the scambling McNabb from 6 years ago, but the McNabb of today - good pocket presence, good anticipation of the rush, and a quick, accurate release. I'm a 9er fan and so my opinion may be biased but I wouldn't be surprised if Davis emerges as the best QB of his draft class when it's all said and done.
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This may be a situation where the 49ers could get something for nothing. Nate Davis is showing that the 49ers can trust him as the third QB. Huard will probably be cut, however there may be a trade opportunity for the 49ers:
ESPN's NFL Insider Adam Schefter is hinting that Denver has reason for serious concern right now. That's because if Kyle Orton's hurt finger turns out to be something that would affect his play or even keep him out in Week 1, the backup situation is bad.

There's a problem, Schefter writes, "if Kyle Orton's finger injury keeps him out of the regular-season opener against Cincinnati. Those who know Chris Simms, Denver's backup quarterback, do not believe he will be ready to play the Broncos opener and think his high ankle sprain will sideline him closer to a month. At least."

Denver might be willing to part with a 7th round pick to get Huard, an experienced veteran - plus get him a little earlier into camp than the cut deadline.
do it.
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Trade him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Huard for Brandon Marshall straight up...
Originally posted by TheRatMan13:
Huard for Brandon Marshall straight up...

And a Stadium!
A whole 7th round pick, huh? I don't think Denver would do it.

It's only worth it it's a 4th pick. If not, he is more valuable on our team, since Hill has a question mark on his back and Davis is nowhere near ready for a game.
Are you serious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why would we trade our best QB.
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
A whole 7th round pick, huh? I don't think Denver would do it.

yea, i'm surprised if we'd even get that.
Originally posted by DesiDez:
The writing is on the wall.

Huard was just brought in as a veteran QB who could play well enough during training camp to develop the other players on the team like the WRs while the team could be patient with Nate.

Your #3 QB is usually a young guy, who you want to develop slowly. Davis, however, is showing promise and potential at much faster rate.

Huard was gone two weeks ago.

One of the few moments where I'm actually right. I guess the sun does shine on a dog's ass every now and then.

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