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Next year the passrush will be addressed by...

Next year the passrush will be addressed by...

Ok we know already that there are still holes on the team that prevent us from being in the upper eschelon of eliteness. Singletary knows this too. We are gonna see how much heart we have as a team this year, without those holes being addressed, and next year I beleive that we will shore up the pass rush issue that's been plagueing our team.

I think the both lines will be addressed as well... but I see at least 3 solid pass rush additions next year that can make an immediate contribution.

Where do you think our pass rush comes from next year?
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Who would you like to see the niners to either sign or draft to improve the pass rush?
there are SO many good pass rushers in next years draft..

next years draft alone is amazing, a lot of guys that will go in the second round and possibly even third next year would have been 1st round picks this year..
Originally posted by dugo:
Who would you like to see the niners to either sign or draft to improve the pass rush?

i would love love love george selvie as a rush OLB/4 down end..
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orakpo, maybin, and e. brown were available and instead we draft a wr even though we signed b. jones. who knows what this team will do next year.
I would rather draft Mays or Berry and a pass rusher
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2 first rounders could do wonders for our pass rush. Wouldn't that be nice. We can solidify our D-line for years
How many years now have we said this ------
Drafting the best OLB available.
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I voted for the draft and signing a pass rusher. I was really mad when the Niners didn't get Everret Brown and they traded that spot to Carolina. I know we got a 1st rounder out of it but Everret Brown was supposed to be in the 1st round. I guess the Niners GM didn't have him high on the draft board. Another thing is supposedly Florida State pass rushers don't do well in the NFL. Manny Lawson needs to step up his game ASAP.
One day, one game at a time.
Mostly from the draft, but maybe a free agent too.
Draft Berry and the best NT available in the draft
shawne merriman and then eric berry/best NT? that would make me...

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