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Jerry Rice..

..just named as the 7th best hands in history of NFL. Just saw this on Inside the NFL. I call Bullsh*t.

Now they did say was the best receiver ever (We know that) but 7th is just bull. I've watched Rice his whole career and I can't remember him dropping more than 2 or 3 passess (Except for rookie season).

They put Largent, Beletnikoff (Spelling, and he used "stick'm"), Fitzgerald ahead of Rice?.. come on man.

This is why I don't watch that crap.
After about half way through that first season, there were very few drops. And he is the greatest. Hard to understand how they think there are six guys with better hands.
there is such incredible niner biased it's unbelievable. f**k them. i don't understand how people are STILL bitter we were the s**t for like 15 - 20 years. get over it. and the thing that pisses me off the most is that in ANY highlight of a team on ESPN, there's almost ALWAYS a f**king niner lowlight as one of them. like the other night they showed Dallas and TWO of their 3 highlights were sacks of shaun hill. it's like, really? we played them ONCE and there are no other highlights of the teams they played?! f**king bulls**t. sorry for the rant but that s**t gets under my skin.

edit: and JR is and most likely will be the best receiver ever. no matter what. f**k that list.

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Larry Rice should be number #1 on EVERYBODY'S list!!!!

Wow I can't believe I just said that.

I meant Gary Rice.

Number 1!

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I tried to understand HTF they came to this conclusion but I just don't get it. Rice's hands was f*ck'n Money.

Raymound Barry is #2.
Maybe Jamie Dukes made the list???
Chris Carter is No.# 1.

IMO he should be #2 and Rice #1.
Originally posted by PA9erFaithful:
Maybe Jamie Dukes made the list???

ha the biggest hater of all. it had to be him
They said Carter had more one-hand catches than anyone. If I remember correctly, Rice had a sh*t-load of one handers. Wow, just wow.

thats ridiculous
i also saw that and i was like WTF???
They probably woulda put Brandon Lloyd on the list before Jerry for these 2... but realized that he was a Niner too...

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Originally posted by zozell:
They probably woulda put Brandon Lloyd on the list before Jerry for these 2... but realized that he was a Niner too...

He had some crazy hands... but thats all he was good for.
Can't remember which guy said this but he basically made the statement, "Was it his hands or was it the fact the Rice had Young and Montana puting the ball into his hands?"

He went on to ask, "Wonder how good Rice would have been with different quartbacks?".

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