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Season Opener Against Arizona (9/13) Anyone Going??

I'm thinking about going to the season opener in AZ. Just wondering if any other zoners are going to be there. I'd like to get my tickets near some other Niner fans. Just makes it more fun.
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can't wait
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section 33 row 29 seats 9 and 10 i think it might be 14 and 15
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Yea, but I won them in a raffle at work. Someone with season tickets donated them, and I don't know where they're at yet! Hopefully decent seats. We take out a superbowl (losers!) team on their turf, it'll be a great start!
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Considering a road trip out there to check it out. Two games in a row would be sweet! Hell, I should go to the final preseason game in San Diego too and do 3 games in a row!
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Originally posted by 9erStorm:
Considering a road trip out there to check it out. Two games in a row would be sweet! Hell, I should go to the final preseason game in San Diego too and do 3 games in a row!

Good Stuff! i would love to go to SD, AZ then Frisco! WOWOWOW! I'll be there for sure in SD as I live in Diamond Bar. AZ seems fun. Frisco i'll be there!
ill probably have work

Right on! Can't wait for this season to start. I'm think about hitting up AZ week 1 as well. I made the trip last year (we played a hell of a game until the last call) and I had a great time. Plus I love giving Cardinal fans s**t......
section 33 row 20 seats 1-12 f**k all those cardinal fans! i'm ready to fight!
Just thought i would throw a thread out there to see where the situation was at as far as 49erswebzoners coming to arizona for the opener.

Brother and i have had the sf crowd more then graciously host all of the out of towners for openers and anything beyond that in previous years so if there are people making it down here for the road opener as locals here, we will more then happilly host anyone who is coming down here for the opener. i believe there are other local niner zoner posters too so maybe its time for all the az niner webzone fans to pay it back and host a nice tailgate in hostile territory...if other phx webzone members want to get something together for the game, lets get the groundwork layed out...

as people who live in az, brother and i are going for sure, obviously...if others are coming and want a place to grab some drinks and some food, let us know, we are more then willing to try to get something together...we'll host as best as we can...

I'll definately be there with a bunch of niner fans tailgaiting. We just don't know where our seats are yet because we will probably pick up tickets via stubhub or craigslist in the coming weeks. But im definately down to get rowdy and talk some crap to some band wagon cardinal fans. who's wit me
I won't be there but i will be flying out for the MNF game Dec. 14th. It'll be my first Niner home game and im gonna get rowdy for that one
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I never miss a Niner game in PHX. Section 409. The Niner fans always dominate the upper level of the Cardinals' home games.
Me and 8 buddies sec 120 row 19. Going to see the NFC champs become the NFC chumps!
No way!! I heard those Cards fans are CRAZY, even worse than Philly fans

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