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After careful review, Crabtree will be the next Jerry Rice

I imagine your review was very intense and had to observe Crabtree a lot during his high-school and college career, I'm curious to how to you landed a coaching position with Crabtree dude, this is a lol, fail at being Cleo.
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Originally posted by PA49ersfan:
Let's see, Rice had Montana and Young in his best years. Crab has Hill or Smith, Yeah OK!

Do you have to bring up how badly our QB situation has declined? It is depressing.
Ninertalk is alive and well. Someone find me the smiley that shoots itself in the head, because that's how I felt after reading this.
there will never be another jerry rice.
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Crabtree will be the next CRABTREE

Im tired of hearing about new prospects being the next somebody great. Every athlete has their own legacy. Rice is Rice Crabtree is Crabtree
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Originally posted by WheresWaldo:

Where's the 'careful' review?

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Nothing spectacular about that video. All the highlights are of him catching balls in blown coverage. Big deal.
End the madness!!!!!!!
Originally posted by 49erRider:
Originally posted by dunkwindex:
In 1985 15 teams passed on Jerry Rice for what ever reason.

For "whatever reason?" IT'S BECAUSE NOBODY KNEW WHO THE HELL HE WAS. He came from a small school that didn't face big-time opponents so there's no way any team not coached by a Genius would have picked him in the first round. I know the Cowboys claim they were gonna pick him with the very next pick, but it's easy to make that claim years later. NOBODY had their eyes on Jerry Rice except Bill Walsh.

Thats not true man other teams were looking at jerry rice in the first. Come on jesus Walsh was a great coach but god damn man get over it.
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