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Countdown to Training Camp: 0 days

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Crabs better sign by the first open practice cuz I really wanna see that guy in action!!!
Originally posted by highwayone:

Nicely done.
Less than a week away. That's great!
seis mas!!!

Less than a week until the rookies report, but isn't the first full squad practice August 1st? Up until then I thought I read that they'll be in meetings. This has probably been addressed already but I didn't feel like looking through 16 pages to find out.
Originally posted by highwayone:

OOOooooohhhh.... Clever! I like!
cant wait
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5 days

Originally posted by mayo63:
5 days

Originally posted by highwayone:

I thought for sure you would have put Garcia in the red & gold up there.
Just around the corner...

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