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*Projected* Niners Depth Chart (Updated 9/5/09)

i dont think some of you know how valuable MR is to the special teams unit. he is a big reason why we were good in that category.
On Rossum's kickoff return for a TD, MRob threw the block that got him around the corner, got up and in front of Rossum, then pancaked another defender. He's a great special teams player, not to mention that he's an excellent wide receiver and played a big role with his 4th quarter circus catch when we beat the Redskins. He's a great athlete who can backup Norris at FB, and he'll be our Wildcat QB. Raye loved him in minicamp and used him a variety of ways. This kid was mishandled by Nolan. BIG SURPRISE.
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I read that Scott McKillop can long snap....any chance Brian Jennings can be replaced thus freeing up another roster spot?
no way mrob doesnt make the team, IMO clayton will be gone before mrob.
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I doubt that they would want a rookie Longsnaping, but in a year or two he could possibly take over that role, which would give us an extra roster spot

as far as the RB/FB's go, I'd bet Clayton is gone, and Robinson stays
(Gore, Norris, Coffee, Robinson, Sheets)
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Originally posted by Trajik1:
get Keasey the f**k outta here!
Originally posted by Slothrop:
Might as well add Rod Green to the list because once again our incompetent f**king GM failed to address the pass rush this offseason.

Any Zoners out there who might be able to rush the QB?! ANYBODY?! HELP!!!

IMHO we will have a pass rush this year! with nolan gone were gonna be doing alot of 2 gapping, our 3 man line will be goin after the passer and just like SD was doing a few years back we will probly have alot of edge rushes at the QB, besides we have a pass rush specialist coach now really tho i think our pass rush will be improved...
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Nate Davis will make the 53 man roster because he will not clear waivers to make the practice squad. We'll either have to carry 4 QBs or cut Huard.

And as is already stated, Jennings is a lock and Robinson will make the team. Even if Robinson was eligible for the practice squad, he'd have zero chance of clearing waivers as well. Denver would snatch him up instantly.
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Originally posted by DesiDez:
I read that Scott McKillop can long snap....any chance Brian Jennings can be replaced thus freeing up another roster spot?

Yes he can and Jahi Word-Daniels has been a long snapper for three years also. jennings may be gone.
IMO, Ahmad Brooks won't make the team. Jay Moore and Marcus Harris will have a better chance than Brooks or Brandon Long.

Updated 53-Man projection:
QB(3): 13 Shaun Hill, 11 Alex Smith, 7 Nate Davis

RB(4): 21 Frank Gore, 29 Glen Coffee, 24 Michael Robinson, --- Kory Sheets

FB(1): 44 Moran Norris

WR(6): 88 Isaac Bruce, 84 Josh Morgan, 81 Brandon Jones, 15 Michael Crabtree, 89 Jason Hill, 83 Arnaz Battle

TE(3): 85 Vernon Davis, 46 Delanie Walker, 48 Bear Pascoe

C(2): 66 Eric Heitmann, 59 Cody Wallace

OG(3): 64 David Baas, 62 Chilo Rachal, 69 Tony Wragge

OT(3): 74 Joe Staley, 71 Marvel Smith, --- Alex Boone

OT/OG(1): 68 Adam Snyder

DE(4): 94 Justin Smith, 93 Demetric Evans, 96 Kentwan Balmer, 91 Ray McDonald

DT(2): 92 Aubryao Franklin, 90 Isaac Sopoaga

OLB(4): 98 Parys Haralson, 99 Manny Lawson, --- Marques Harris, --- Brandon Long

ILB(4): 52 Patrick Willis, 51 Takeo Spikes, 53 Jeff Ulbrich, 54 Scott McKillop

CB(5): 22 Nate Clements, 27 Walt Harris, 36 Shawntae Spencer, 25 Tarell Brown, 31 Reggie Smith

FS(2): 38 Dashon Goldson, 41 Jimmy Williams

SS(1): 32 Michael Lewis

FS/SS(1): 28 Curtis Taylor

PK(1): 6 Joe Nedney

P(1): 4 Andy Lee

LS(1): 86 Brian Jennings

KR/PR(1): 20 Allen Rossum


TE 49 J.J. Finley
OG --- Matt Huners
OT 61 Joe Toledo
DE – Pannel Egboh
DT 95 Ricky Jean-Francois
OLB 57 Mark Washington
CB --- Terrail Lambert
CB --- Jahi Word-Daniels

So that’s 53+8= 61 players for us in 2009(baring injuries)

So, we have 78, so here is the 17 cuts.

QB Huard, RB Clayton, FB Keasey, WR Spurlock, WR Price, WR Bradford, WR Collins, WR Zeigler, OT Sims, OT Bender, OLB Moore, OLB Brooks, ILB Roland, CB Hudson, CB Thomas, FS Roman, SS Baker
when did we sign marques harriss??
Looks good AB. Perhaps Jay Moore beats out Brandon Long while Mark Roman sticks versus Jimmy Williams or Curtis Taylor.
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Looks good. I'm not sure we'll keep 4 RBs though.......maybe drop one of them and add another OLB or DB.
Originally posted by lakers27:
when did we sign marques harriss??

within the last 24 hours.
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