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I Just Felt Like Going Old School Today!

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Originally posted by Return2glory:

So, basically you want the current uniforms but with the old jerseys?

actually something like that, yeah. but the current uni's have black on the pants (which I'm undecided about) also these have the old logo on the helmet. The jersey's in the pic look nice tho. What people aren't really taking into account is that the throwbacks aren't the "old jerseys" because it's a completely different style of jersey, it's a modern jersey made by reebok so it's not really the same as an actually jersey from the 70's or 80's, even though the color scheme is the same it's a completely different look.

I also wouldn't mind having the 49ers script (quentin font) logo like seen on this poster below on the chest above the letters like the pats, charger, & dolphins have. That was an idea someone on forums had that I liked

maybe make the away jerseys white with red letters with a thin black outline like the old logo.

Jerry Rice
Originally posted by acez:

gimme these with a red face mask and I'm good to go

also loose a couple sock stripes and make sure the pants are gold and not tan

I agree... these Uni's and the old helmet with a red face mask might look pretty good!
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Some Youtube videos I found

1970 49ers vs Vikings

Great plays by lesser known players

To those who wanted to see the old helmet with a red facemask, I threw one together.

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I miss this guy

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Originally posted by linkboy:
Originally posted by PTulini:
The REAL "Joe Cool"

It was a privilage and an honor to watch this man play football. I really do feel sorry for anyone who didn't get to see him play live.

Here's some pictures I have

Jerry Rice leaving the Falcons in the dust

Bob McKitrick talking to Guy McIntyre

Celebrating the Taylor TD in Super Bowl XXIII

Group Huddle

I've decided to take this back even earlier (the older fans may enjoy this). To many people focus on just the Super Bowl era and forget about the other great players this team has had before Coach Walsh arrived.

John Brodie (who should be in the Hall of Fame and was also the team's best QB before Montana arrived. I also hope they keep no 12 retired, Dilfer disgraced that number)

Joe "The Jet" Perry (Part of the Million Dollar backfield)

John Henry Johnson (Million Dollar Backfield)

Y.A.Tittle (Another part of the Million Dollar Backfield)

Frankie Albert (the 49ers first QB)
Where is the picture of Hugh ?
This whole post was great. good "old school" start to my day.
# 20 Garrison Hearst Classic Clip!

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I like the red face mask on Garrison ! I wonder if they will go back to that with the new uniforms this coming year ?


Originally posted by ezrider:
John Brodie (who should be in the Hall of Fame and was also the team's best QB before Montana arrived)

Gotta disagree with you there. Frankie Albert was the team's best QB until Tittle arrived who was better than Brodie. Frankie was simply awesome. He was such a great little QB that when Otto Graham (perhaps the greatest QB of THAT time) was named 1st team All Pro, they listed Frankie on the first team as a running back.

Accurate passer, left-handed, great little runner, tremendous punter who used the quick kick often. Even coached the Niners.

There I fixed it. Cause I'm pretty sure that if you are a 9er fan it's STILL Joe Cool.

Originally posted by TOP_CAT:
I like the red face mask on Garrison ! I wonder if they will go back to that with the new uniforms this coming year ?

I like the Red but the Grey is the Old School facemask.

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Yeah,I know Ceadder,but I was hoping they go with the red face masks with the throwbacks. It seems they are hinting that they are not just going back to EXACTLY the old throwbacks or some old school uniforms but are looking to go back in spirit with some modern touches that would please the players and fans alike .
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