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Does anyone reckon Jim H. (49ers) and John H. (Ravens) share info on other teams?

Just thinking it would be the smart move and help both teams.

You know for example when we play an AFC team John sends over all the info they have on that team and vice versa with NFC. 2 scouting departments are better 1. It would benefit both teams and make them better in their respective conferences.

Just a thought from the Boldin deal that's all.
i'll guarantee you they do.
Maybe a bit on divisional opponents if its a short week or something but both organizations have competent staffs from top to bottom doing their homework. I doubt they share much if anything at all. I can see Jim being way to proud to take info that way. He seems like the type of guy who would take pride in doing things himself but who really knows for sure.
hope so!
The have sword fights as well...

...over Mrs. Harbaughs
No doubt
Yeah, they do.

I remember a story coming out before or after our game with the Patriots saying Jim called up John for advice.
reckon, atticus?
reckon? Damn near killed him.
Yes they do

Originally posted by ChazBoner:
reckon? Damn near killed him.

Reckon they do son. I think i read somewhere that they did. Their dad also does a lot of their film studying, so i would imagine that they share notes.
I hope so what else is family for.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
i'll guarantee you they do.

this, of course they do... if they ain't playing against each other you know they helping each other out.
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