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Lions DB coach Tim Walton is Rams new DC

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Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Agree w/NinerG94.

Fisher is a good coach and they also have 2 first round selections in the draft.

I'm n ot sure why they gave us such a tough time BUT they can't be taken lightly.

Originally posted by Wrathman:
Originally posted by NinerG94:
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:

Make no mistake about it, this is still Fisher's defense and he'll have this guy looking like a prize def coordinator by the end of next season. They proved last year that it doesn't matter who hold the title of DC. That defense was very good last year and they'll only be better this year so laugh all you want. That defense kicked the s**t out of us twice last year without a coordinator. Not funny IMO.

Kaep will have more experience and weapons. The offense will have an off season to gel. I am not going to lose sleep over the Rams.

Never said I was losing sleep either, but if anyone thinks this move diminshes the Ram's defense somehow they're kidding themselves. The Rams will be much improved too so our offense better improve or we're in trouble. There's a reason that we get tossed around by physical aggressive defenses. Our offense is still limited and defenses do NOT have to respect us vertically. Stuff the run and keep Davis in front you and viola. Then throw a physical run game at our defense its checkmate. Consider us punched in the mouth. Our offense still has a long way to go IMO. Especially considering the amount of hype its receiving these days for being "scoring machine".
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