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Jets willing to trade revis

Originally posted by Marvin49:

Sorry if someone already posted...

No No!!! we don't need revis pls!!!! We already have good our cb team! we need pay Goldson #38...
Originally posted by CityKing415:
Would rather resign Goldson

Yeah agreed this!!! Its very importmant by Goldson for us my team!! If we sign Revis for us then we will mess up our team.... I trust my gut feeling it..
May be he will take a pay cut re-work his contract to come to a winner if NO! then f**k him
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Originally posted by JD9671:
May be he will take a pay cut re-work his contract to come to a winner if NO! then f**k him

Originally posted by glorydayz:
Hey AB, is this correct? If so I say go get him:

9/6/2010: Signed a four-year, $46 million contract. The deal contains $32.5 million guaranteed, including all of Revis' first two base salaries and an $18 million first-year option bonus. The contract stipulates that Revis cannot be franchise tagged when his deal voids following the 2013 season. 2013: $3 million (+ $1 million workout bonus + $1 million roster bonus due 3/16 + $1 million reporting bonus), 2014-2016: (Voidable Years) $3 million, 2017: Free Agent

I thought he was expected to recieve 16 million?

Yep, it's correct. He is due 3M in bonuses, plus a 3M base, the Jets will take a 9M hit for trading him.

He wants 16M per year on a new deal, not sure why it was reported he would make 16M, he makes like 9M in 2013 with prorated bonuses accounted for.
Smith for Revis straight up?
When your corners get torched that hard in a playoff game, you'd be crazy not to consider the best CB in the game, knee injury and all.

We are going to become a destination for the next 10 years. I would rather get this guy than some old dude hanging on to get a ring.
Its not a need, its a luxury. I think this pretty much says it all. His contract would be just too overwhelming to absorb. With the way the cap works, he would end up being more of a burden in the grand scheme of things.
Without knowing how much he wants in a long term deal, he will be WAY too expensive.

Hes coming off an injury, and he isnt locked up. Hes already been stubborn to want a ton of cash. A 1st rounder is bear minimum, so its not worth it.
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Negative! bad move for kap space and team chemistry

Who would Revis replace?
Unless Revis would take less to play on a loaded roster like ours. I can't see how he would fit into our salary structure.
Y'all are crazy he's a shut down CB ill give out first for him in a heart beat
Originally posted by boast:

There are like 4 Revis threads going right now. How about a merge?
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