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Ricky Jean Francois

I am having a hard time visualizing Justin playing , literally with one arm. That just sound like disaster. Imagine the force it took for him to extend his forearm wth enough force to tear his triceps. Now he has one good arm. Don't think that is enough to make a difference in a game. Hope RjF comes thru, or fangio surprises us with a different alignment. A few yrs ago we had p-52, and that was it. Now we have Justin, aldon, bowman, brooks, soap, big mac et al. Take out justin and we still have enough D on paper. Thing is Justin is like two guys when he plays, and that is what we miss.
RJF is a weaker Aubrayo Franklin.
Packers interested in RJF
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
Packers interested in RJF

At $3 million per, adios

That dance won't fly in Lambeau

He is the most underrated player on the team.
Yea good luck to RJF if he leaves but he's just a back up
Definitely NOT worth $3 mil. His production is sporadic and he was pushed around a lot when subbing for Smith. There is no way I play him in the middle and let him get pushed around. Bowman and Willis would suffer.Soap isn't worth his money either but he is better than RJF. Either way I see the Niners taking at least 2 defensive big bodies in the draft. Maybe even 3!
"'s Ian Rapoport says to "watch the Eagles" on free agent DL Ricky Jean-Francois.

Rapoport's advice came in a tossed-off reply on Twitter, but it's the second team Jean-Francois has been linked to in the past two days. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported Monday that the Packers are interested. The Sideline View's Adam Caplan believes as many as 5-6 teams could pursue the reserve D-lineman. It's looking like Jean-Francois has played his last snap in San Francisco"

Source: Ian Rapoport on Twitter

He is a good reserve but not sure I see him getting $3 million but we will see.
Here's a list of mUCH better DL to look at who would contribute more than RJF.
i think rjf has been good. definitely can be upgraded but if hes the right price they should hold on to him
Originally posted by BrianGO:

He is the most underrated player on the team.

Agree. Solid Dline skills & can rush the qb. RJF's skills behind JS reminds me of LG's skills behind PW. Yes LG's skills isn't on PW level but solid enough to come in when Willis is out. Remember against NE when they almost got the win, it was RJF who sack Brady late to help seal the game. Solid play is good enough when your a 2nd stringer.

Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Here's a list of mUCH better DL to look at who would contribute more than RJF.

My response to this post is, I'll still take RJF over them. 3 of them are basically 30 already(2 are 29 & 1 is 30). The other two weren't on the team, advantage RJF for team experience & chemistry. But I'm also in favor cause I seen RJF & not the other players too. Hope he gets resigned, go niners
Gonna miss the peanut butter jelly dance

Hopefully I am wrong with that comment he is a great reserve who can rush the passer. I hope if he stays he can get strong enough to stop the run.
Extremely average reserve who wants starter money. No thanks, we'll be using at least 2 picks on d-lineman by the end of day 2 (hopefully).
RJF has been a decent player for us...worth keeping if the price is right. If not, with 15 picks and a draft deep in quality DL, I'd say pass and get a couple of the versatile "bigs", but also sign a quality FA DL. I'd love to see Randy Starks in crimson & gold, but he'll likely be pricey. Here are a few other names that should provide quality depth, but not break the bank:

- Alan Branch. Dude's big and strong...played very well against us. 28 yrs old.

- Mike DeVito. Good DL for Jets...plays the run very well. 29 yrs old.

- Jason Jones. One of the good young DL in Seattle. 27.

- Roy Miller. Tampa will try very hard to keep him, but if they can't he'd be a guy worth pursuing. He's 26.

- Sammie Lee Hill. A versatile "big" just looking for more PT. He'd be a very nice addition at 26.