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The Bengals taking Dalton before we took Kaep

yea i really do think dalton is a QB but not great and some can make the argument that he is just a product of AJ Green, who i think will be an even better receiver than CalvinJ. But dalton's abilities are limited and Kap has a huge ceiling. When the bengals took dalton they needed someone to come in rite now and spread the ball around without turning it over and they got him but i dont see him ever becoming elite. Kap has that chance
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WTF is going on in this post? Is this an auto-correct fail, or what?

Fine WOULD'VE!!!!!
Pretty sure Kaep was Harbaughs guy all along.
Amazing to think 5 QB's were taken ahead of Kaep. That's 5 teams that are going to be kicking themselves for passing on him, Carolina and Cincy included.
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Wouldnt hated to see Kaep in Silver and Black.....I wouldnt been sooooo mad!!!!!! Maybe as mad as I was when The Rams took Greg Salas......good thing hes with the Pats now......or even Pisa Tinoisamoa playing for the Rams his whole career........I really hated to see that.....

WTF is going on in this post? Is this an auto-correct fail, or what?

Dalton is a solid quarterback, stats wise he threw 20 td with 13 int last year and this year 26-14. He has the benefit of having A.J. Green as his main receiver and some complimentary receivers in TE Gresham 61 receptions and Hawkins 45. Can he win the big game? Kaep seems to have made more of an impact in a shorter period of time. However, I'm a 49er fan so I'm biased.
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Pretty sure Kaep was Harbaughs guy all along.

Agree, jim likes those qb who can make plays with the feet and arm. Dalton doesn't have that.. In the history of Jim all his qb's were mulit threats. JJ, Luck and now Kap. Also I heard jim wanted RG3 in college and his choice was baylor, it all worked out luck wasn't a bad second choice... Imagine Jim and RG3 is like thinking of Colin and Jim now... Just crazy, if he can bring alex out of bustvil than I trust Jim to know which qb is going to be best for this team and the future of the franchise... Also I wanted kap over dalton, same type of arm but colin was just special. Either way those are the 2 guys I like most from that draft at QB and happy we got one of them...
I personally wanted Dalton. He was the highest rated QB on my board. I thought Cam would bust i personally wouldnt have touched him at the time. Kaep was my second rated QB.
time will tell but kaep looks like a baller. that being said, so was cam last year and rg3 this year so hopefully kaep can sustain it. cam was awesome last year and so so this year until just lately
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I think Dalton is the perfect west coast offense qb

I'm a big fan of the Red Rifle.

They were gonna call him the big red rocket. Browns fans got pissed

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interesting to think about what things would be like if they didnt take dalton in front of us since i think harbaugh was targeting dalton. as soon as they took him harbaugh and baalke moved up for kaep. do you guys think we're better off? kaep looks like a steal in the 2nd round so far just based on his tools and leadership ability but dalton also looks pretty damn good. i still think we got the better qb in the long run. what do you guys think about the whole thing?

What exactly is this whole "Harbaugh was targeting Dalton" thing? Nobody has any idea who Harbaugh liked or targeted. Nothing has ever come out saying they were after Dalton over Kaep. I think people just make things up. Kaep has a much higher ceiling than Dalton, so I could easily see Kaep being the prefered choice.

Also, it seems a better bet that the Niners wanted Kaep all along, and knew who was looking at QB, and that Dalton was more highly touted coming in. Him going off the board was the Niners cue to make the move before the next QB needy team picked best available.

If we really had our eye on Dalton, we wouldve made that happen. Obviously i have no idea of their master plan, but trading up to take Kaep as a consolation prize seems unlikely.
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