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seahawk uni's

They've grown on me. Definitely an upgrade over the previous ones.
I think they're way better than the previous unis.
Im going to like them even more this weekend when they are covered in grass stains and blood from our defense crushing thier hopes and dreams of being considered a top team.. just sayin?
lol, field turf my man.. might be some ground up tires stuck to them and possibly some blood stains..
they look like an arena team with those new uni's..
Terrible jersey.

Now go switch to a Supersonics scheme, I liked those

I like the grey ones they were rockin last week
I dont mind them I guess, but I dont like the design on the pants. My biggest problem is they have no history in them. The best uni's are timeless, not needing change. These will be here for a few years but you cannot imagine them wearing them in 20 years. Thats why I like ours, still look good and when you think of the niners you think of that. Same with the Giants, skins, bears, cowgirls, etc. You couldnt imagine a change.
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Originally posted by hawker84:

just sayin?

i like the away uni's... not the home
Hate 'em... The original unis with blue, green and silver were pretty sharp. The new ones with the dreary grey, navy blue and neon green are, for lack of a better word, gross. Reminds me of my old gym shorts, but hey, I'm sure the colors look great on you though…

Go Niners!

Would have rather seen an updated version of

they should go back to these

Looks like an arena team, but what ever floats yer boat!

I'm not a big fan of the modern Nike uni's and even though I love the Ducks, I hate their uni's

As for the seahags, I was kind of surprised they were allowed to play in grey on the road, traditionally the visiting team wears white.
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The Oregon Ducks of the NFL. Merchandising, Merchandising, Merchandising! What a waste!
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