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Luck or Kaepernick?

Luck or Kaepernick?

Would luck be going to the Super Bowl with this team if we'd drafted him somehow?


But he's not


Yup, its Kap all the way.
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"We're drafting Colin Kaepernick"

"I not only think he's the best quarterback in the draft, I think that he's the best football player in the draft. And we're going with Colin Kaepernick."

Jim Harbaugh quote
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CK! Can't sell out my Niners.
My vote goes to CK7

arm strength CK> Luck
Accuracy CK=Luck (push)
mobility CK > Luck
speed CK > Luck
mental intelligence Luck > CK (right now but that's because Luck has been running NFL type offense during college with Harbaugh as his mentor, in a few years with CK having more NFL experience and Harbaugh around Ck may be just as good as Luck in this aspect)
Originally posted by Sambo:
If Harbaugh could turn Kaep into the QB he is now, imagine what he can do with Luck. Luck>Kaep. Moss and other wideout would get 50+ yards td passes every game.

Sorry, But Luck has had Harbaugh for 4 years in Stanford. That's alot of years of mentoring his QB skills.
Kaepernick all day!
Short term, Luck may be better. Long term Kaepernick will definitely be better. Yeah, I'm a 49er fan, but I'm also an objective realist.
who is in the SB?

Sorry, I love Kaep, but it's definitely Luck.
Wouldn't trade him for anybody else right now.
I love me some Kaep but I'd go with Luck just because of the pure awesomeness of Stanford coach and QB reuniting in the NFL.
How can people say Luck???

Yea the kid looked great this season, but Kap has been nothing less than amazing in this playoff run. We are going to have an amazing team with him as our QB; he is our next great QB, and be thankful we have him and Harbaugh.
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