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*** WEEK 15 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 12/13 - 12/17 ***

Lol Giants...
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now that the SEA-Buf game is over.....time to switch Cowboys-Steelers game.
Seattle is on the verge of another blowout. Buckle up everyone because next week is for the division.

We have a good chance to win tonight, but odds are against that happening.

Seattle ia starting to look scary guys!
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At least make it interesting...
Originally posted by JeuSF49:
Game over.

Damn bills suck so freaking bad!
Well at least the Giants took a fall, Seahawks look good, but who doesn't against the Bills.
Good, I want to the Seahawks to be at their best when we ABSOLUTELY CRUSH them.

And by ABSOLUTELY CRUSH them I mean win by dink and dunking, 7-6.
What the s**t is going on in this bills game? Is there anybody on the field to tackle wide open receivers?

Come on, Bills! Stop sucking!
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over 300yards of offence in one half!
And to think that the BIlls have spent so much money to sore up the defence.
I guess a blowout win helps a little.

Maybe Seattle coasts for our game based on previous two victories
I do not like Carrol
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