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*** WEEK 15 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 12/13 - 12/17 ***

Lol Giants...
now that the SEA-Buf game is over.....time to switch Cowboys-Steelers game.
Seattle is on the verge of another blowout. Buckle up everyone because next week is for the division.

We have a good chance to win tonight, but odds are against that happening.

Seattle ia starting to look scary guys!
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At least make it interesting...
Originally posted by JeuSF49:
Game over.

Damn bills suck so freaking bad!
Well at least the Giants took a fall, Seahawks look good, but who doesn't against the Bills.
Good, I want to the Seahawks to be at their best when we ABSOLUTELY CRUSH them.

And by ABSOLUTELY CRUSH them I mean win by dink and dunking, 7-6.
What the s**t is going on in this bills game? Is there anybody on the field to tackle wide open receivers?
Come on, Bills! Stop sucking!
over 300yards of offence in one half!
And to think that the BIlls have spent so much money to sore up the defence.
I guess a blowout win helps a little.

Maybe Seattle coasts for our game based on previous two victories
I do not like Carrol