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Where has the Defense gone?

I remember in past years all the great Defenses had nicknames, here are a few that I remember;

Monsters of the Midway
Steel Curtain
Doomsday Defense
Sack Exchange
Fearsome Foursome
Purple People Eaters
Looney Tunes - (I'm sure most of you don't remember the early 70's Baltimore Colts)
The Over the Hill Gang
Grits Blitz (one year Falcon wonders)
Orange Crush (76 Broncos)
Gold Rush (60's 49ers)
The No Name Defense

The Raiders never had a nickname, but they had the Assassin, Dr. Death, the Mad Stork, Lester the Molester, and a guy from the University of Mars (Otis Sistrunk).
What's happened? When was the last time an NFL Defense had a nickname? Are we into the era of pinball football, no hitting above the shoulders or below the waist. Are the kids growing up never going to know that Defense is great to watch. Have the powers that be changed the game to such an extent that the 50-49 game that Oklahoma and West Virginia played a few weeks ago will be the future standard in the NFL. Name the superior Defenses in the NFL today, 49ers, Bears and, and, and............. Maybe it's time for another nickname how about the 2012 49ers.
Golden Shower cause we make it rain on them hoes
I liked Pain Train that caught on last year
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