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You're NOT a true 49ers fan if...

When Candlestick used to have an infield....
Originally posted by 9inermaniac:
When Candlestick used to have an infield....

When Candlestick was named 3 Comm Park and Monster Park
Originally posted by Hurricane:
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
you didn't watch every single game from 03-10.

Ok...what if you watched every single game from then till now and still don't own a Niners jersey? What does that make me?


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Originally posted by lazy:
oldie but goodie... if you don't remember Ahmad Plummer watching practice from his lawn chair...
he was usually joined by jason webster and his sprained ankles
I remember missing only one game since '02 not because of work. My a-hole ram fan dad wanted to go christmas tree shopping. I sat in the car and listened to one of the only two 49er wins that season.
If you start fights at the games.
Originally posted by WRATHman44:
... your kids aren't.

What if... kids are still in balls at the moment
You didn't support the team in public between 2003-2010
if you've never heard of willie middlebrooks
Originally posted by dallas9erlover:
if you've never heard of willie middlebrooks

Or who he traded for him.
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Originally posted by RishikeshA:
Lived outside the country and watched the games beginning at 3am and stay up until the game was over. No matter if we were down by 4 touchdowns (which we were many times). And now here's the important part, couldn't wait for next weeks game even though we were 2-11. Proud fan since 1957.

This. I was in the Navy for 7 years. Did 2 7 month tours. We would get like 2 49er games on the AFN network each West Pac. I would stay up all night just to watch them. Those were the bad years too. I would regret it the next morning having to work but still did it every time.
You don't fly 5000 miles every year to see the team play, and often see them break your heart (07 loss at NYG, 08 losses at NYG and home to SEA, 09 loss to ATL, 2010 loss at SEA and NO).

if you'd rather lose than tie
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if you're not pissed after a loss or tie! WTF!!! a tie....go figure!!!
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
if you'd rather lose than tie

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