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*** WEEK 10 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 11/8 - 11/12 ***

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looks like Seattle will keep biting at our ankles

Jets with the upset.

im hoping for the upset, but since they are at home..probably not


So much concern for Seattle home know they're pumping crowd noise through speakers, nothing we didn't already suspect anyway. I dislike the NYJ, but I'm praying for an upset, too...will offset their win vs. GB. Karma!
Anyone think the Jags sweep the Colts tonight?
Originally posted by JTsBiggestFan:
Anyone think the Jags sweep the Colts tonight?

not without MJD. Luck is playing like a boss
I'm on the fence today. Home teams have a great advantage on these Thursday games. Who wins?
Jacksonville are terrible. Colts aren't bad.
Liking the Colts and what they are building there... ( yes, Fleener was my draft man-crush ).. Go Indy!

( but overall, just want a good game )
Jags caught a break
Jinxed him
wow... Luck is lucky not to have another INT on his resume.
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f**king balls

Damn Luck looks great.

This game sucks i can't believe this is prime time.
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No way in hell the ref from that angle saw the ball cross the goal line, and absurd that it wasn't even reviewed.
Im sorry but I dont buy the notion that we could just plug in any RB because they are a dime a dozen.....both teams cant run for s**t. You either have a stud or a nobody that avg's garbage.

When Gore retires we need to draft a stud. Look at Jax without JonesDrew, cant do a damn thing on the ground.
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Man these refs are terrible.
also I was sooooo on the money about TY Hilton prior to the draft
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