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*** WEEK 10 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 11/8 - 11/12 ***

now the saints better f**king stop them here NAO

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Originally posted by pdizo916:
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
dirty birds and aints are gonna go to 34-34 on purpose just to cut into the niners game...

They'll go to.the Niner game.unless u live outside the area

live in sunday ticket doe
there goes the perfection
haha dirty birds
Originally posted by NinerBuff:
Originally posted by jcashen87:
God i can already smell Matt Ryan throwing a prayer jump ball up to Roddy or Julio Jones and them coming down with it to keep them undefeated.

Huge stop!

Still not over.
Yep, Falcons still have a chance. Might even get a blocked punt.
Still a shot for that hailmairy to White or Jones ftw...

Saints should of at least tried a pass to win the game.
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