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49er Fans Least Liked NFL Player

49er Fans Least Liked NFL Player

Where's the Tom Brady option?
Yeah this is something that will have to be done twice; I have to admit. Quite a few write in votes calls for a 2nd poll. Brady, Roman Harper, Michael Jenkins, Rocky Bernard, RG3, and Cortland Finnegan may be added. I'll wait a few days until before Sunday/Monday and do a new one. I just added guys who I know are least liked but missed some. Keep writing in votes so I can narrow it down to 20 guys. So far 7 guys have zero votes and we got 6 write in's so I can add 1 more.
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what is the RG3Stacks reason? I'll present you some for the ones that need one.

1. He's the New guy
2. He's the Flavor
3. He's getting money
4. He's staying focus while getting money (that gets on my nerves the most)
5. Cut yo damn hair boy (not a grown man's concern but we'll accept it)
6. Why do we not have him here
7. He's supposed to not speak so eloquently and be liked by teammates (Rookie disposition)
8. He's supposed to simply run the ball and throw to his tightends and running backs while his receivers block and are decoys
9. I hate Baylor/ I hate the Redskins
10. Crisp Military Brat background (because we all hate the armed forces)
11. Sarcasim
12. All of the above.
Now Jay Culter is my kind of jerk. I find him very entertaining because he's not on my team and I'm sitting at home not making millions.
Originally posted by JoseCortez:
Where's the Tom Brady option?

Big Ben
Alex smith.
Originally posted by JoseCortez:
Alex smith.

Originally posted by Blockhead596:
People actually voted for Drew Brees? Now that's funny!!! That's like saying you hate Kurt Warner. Nobody hates those guys.

Not so. I didn't vote for Brees, but I started hating him after he started lying his ass off about the bounty stuff, and after he became Mr.Sue-you. Dude has lost any respect I had for him.

Kurt Warner is a class act.
I hate drew brees and his stupid stain face

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Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
I hate drew brees and his stupid stain face

That's not a stain, it's a scar from when Lord Voldemort killed his parents.
I want to say Brett Favre is and always will be. A player that actually plays though, I'm going with Mr. Ugg boots Tom brady
Or Jimmy Graham arrogant prick
Originally posted by jimrat:

I respect Eli. He carries himself well in terms of playing the game. Plus, he signed a ball for me and then threw it back to me which was kind of cool.
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Michael Irvin. I have no feelings for any current players. Also Deion and Warren Sapp. Basically the NFLN is comprised of the athletes I've hated most in my life. All they need is TO to complete it.
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