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Which NFL team do you hate most?

It used to be Dallas...when both teams were competing for the championship just about every year. Now I'd say the Giants and Sea-chickens. The Giants because they prevented us from going to the SB last year, and beat the pants off of us this season. Seattle largely because of Carroll...they're trying to be the bully of the NFC West, but we still rule over them. 'Zona's trying to do the same thing, but their offense is well, offensive.

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I like this thread.

I wonder how often we'd pop up in this same topic for the Hawks and Rams.

Anyway, as of now I hate the Giants, they grind the sh** out of my gears.
Dude, the packers robbed me of a fair amount of happiness while growing up.
Got no room for hate. However I love to beat the cowboys and giants.
at the moment none.. but i do enjoy watching the raiders lose
Originally posted by JTsBiggestFan:
NY Football Giants.

Difference with Cowboys is that they gave us some playoff heartbreak, but at least they decisively won those games plus we returned the favor on them in 2 NFC Championship games ('81 and '94).

When the Giants lose to us in an NFC Championship, I think the pain of '90 and '11 will slowly go away. If I could guarantee a 49er superbowl, I would want them to beat the Giants in the NFCC, preferably in their HOUSE. These fans are spoiled in that they are undefeated in NFC title games, perhaps the only team I can think of that is. They made a BIG deal about losing a freaking WILDCARD game to us (which they BLEW completely).....imagine losing to Alex Smith?

Good possibility if we meet them in playoffs, it will be there.

Well said! We choke whenever we play them in Title game, Man o man i hate them!
Even when I was too young to understand football much watching it with my older male relatives (Packer fans ironicly) I learned then and there that nothing on earth could ever be hated more than the Dallas Cowboys. From this "Americas Team" crap, to Jerry Jones,the horrible fanbase, our old rivaly with them, and now the insane media attention they get whenever anything happens (Romo Broke His Fingernail!!!!!). Has done nothing but cement them as the franchise I will always root for to lose in the first wildcard round, that is always so close, but never good enough to win or bad enough to draft high. I believe it was Eddie D who once said to Dallas, "I hope your team fails" I commend that sentiment.
I HATE to LOVE the 49ers!!!!!!


2nd is not even close. I was born and raised in Western PA, and that team hoards punk players as if Rancid owned the franchise. And the fanbase; well, the fanbase is more obnoxious than the cast of Jersey Shore if they were drunk and each had megaphones.
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Used to be the Cowboys, but now they're just laughable. Same with the Raiders.

Now it's the Seahawks, because everything about them is douchey, and and I take no greater satisfaction in beating any other team.
It really is whatever team the 49ers play next.

Seahawks and their fans really push it sometimes. Pete Carrol. f**k Pete Carrol.
Raiders, Packers, Rams, Cowboys, Seahawks.

I was going to list out all the teams i cant stand, but its easier to just say which ones i dont mind. Chiefs, Panthers, Browns, Texans, Colts, Bills. Everyone else i cant stand.

For some reason in football I have some reason to dislike most every team. Including SF, theres only 7 teams that dont annoy me.
I am from dc so I have extreme loathe for Dallas Roaches. I often fantasize about doing unspeakable things to their fans and team. They take up half of the city's fan base. My city is full of turncoats and idiots.

I have been a fan for twenty years now do that my family is displaced nomads. I don't need anything to hype me up about Dallas it could be preseason.
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