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Which NFL team do you hate most?

Seattle. Easily Seattle. First of all, they have Golden Tate, who is the most arrogant and pompous jackass in the league. I cannot stand that guy. Then there's Pete Carroll, who always has that smug smirk on his face. And then there's Big Dick, who runs his mouth all the time (at least he backs it up though. Dick is actually kind of likeable... he seems good-natured. Tate is just a scumbag.

I get so damn frustrated watching Seattle win. I got my hopes up big time that St. Louis / Tampa would squeak out a victory in these last two games...
1. Cowboys

2. Bears

3. Seahawks. They make the list only because of recent activity as irritating. But in reality as an organization they haven't accomplished anything at all.

4. San Diego Chargers. To this day I can't let go of the hate I have for this franchise when they dumped 14-2 shottenhiemer so late and plucked Turner for us leaving us high and try and killed the momentum the 49ers were building the previous year.
Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
i hate seattle because of richard sherman and pete carroll exclusively. carroll's lesbian looking ass with his cheerleader s**t and sherman holding, hitting late and talking mad s**t every second of his life. were gonna give them the beating of their lives in SF

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