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Which NFL team do you hate most?

Whoever we play next
I dont like the Steelers cuz they have more SBs

I dont like the Packers cuz of Bret Favre

I dont like the Cowboys for obvious reasons

I dont like the Giants cuz of Eli Manning

I dont like the Seahawks cuz of Pete Carrol
Originally posted by 9inermaniac:

Every time I see Victor Cruz do the salsa I want to vomit. It would not piss me off so much if he did not backfire saying it was for his grandma.

Real talk. b***h move by him
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
Seattle as of the moment

me too, only because I live up near seattle now and their sports radio is so annoying, they were talking so much trash about how they were going to beat the niners last week and now because they lost they have switched to just making fun of harbaugh... very annoying to listen too
Cowboys & Seahawks, mostly because of the fans.

Dallas fans think every player on their roster is a Pro Bowler and think they are Super Bowl worthy every year (they're a mediocre team, period).

Seattle fans also have tunnel vision about how good they are, but they are more ignorant than anything.

Some people would say the Cardinals and their fans, but they are so insignificant since Kurt Warner left, it is hard to get mad at em period. You more want to buy them a beer and comfort them in their time of QB-carousel (Skeleton vs. Kolb = JTO vs. Hill).
Next one on the schedule
Giants, Cards, Seahawks, Cowgirls..
Originally posted by D-NOTTE:
Next one on the schedule

I just hate ESPN

I hate the Jaguars the most. They're like the Sacramento Kings of football. They don't care about winning and they're not even trying to win. They have piss poor ownership, fans who don't show up to games, and stupid ass personnel. Just a dysfunctional team.
hate the Giants, Seacocks, Cards, Cowgirls
Originally posted by JoseCortez:
How can it not be the cowboys? Saying Seahawks or cardinals identifies you as a young recent fan. Those teams were irrelevant for so long.


The only other teams i feel qualify are the Giants and raiders. Giants for ruining a couple Super Bowls for us and the raiders because of their fans.
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Indirect Reason: they have more superbowls than us.

Direct reason: I live in steeler country and have to hear how they have more superbowls than us.

No matter what the conversation/debate is......... if the steeler fan gets upset on how the conversation is going it usually ends with "we got 6 rings"!!!

Drive me crazy that they bring it up on a topic that has nothing to do with anything.
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