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Which NFL team do you hate most?

Every team besides the 49ers are my "least favorite" and there are several team that I hate. The ones I loathe the most are the packers, every nfc east team, and the other teams in the nfc west of course.
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Pats and Giants now

Raiders and Bears are close behind them.
cowboys followed by packers. i used to have roommates and one was a cowboys fan and the other was a packers fan
The Stupid ass Cowb***hES!!! I hate them more than any other team in any sport of any kind. If the genie from aladdin granted me 3 wishes i would use 1 wish for them to lose every week on a heart breaking play.
Giants... by a mile
Cardinals,Cowboys are a tie for 2nd
ohh and FUK Cruz.. lil biatch!
1. Cowgirls
2. Cardinals
3. Giants
3a. Patriots
1. Cowboys, Packers, Giants
2. NFC West Teams (the 2 birds more than the lamb though)
3. I feel sorry for most other teams like the Jags, Bungles and the Raiders (I love giving Raider Fans so much s**t though even though!)
Raiders and Cowgirls..
I have 31 of these.

Least favorite fanbases, though? Seattle, NY (either), DallASS, and (of course) Oakland.
For me I always have an underlying hatred of the Cowboys, Packers (not so much now Brett Favre has gone), Giants and (for some reason, probably Elway's stupid face) the Broncos.

but... I always have a team I hate more each season due to something said, or an injury to one of our players. From 91-94 Troy Aikmans face made me hate the cowboys even more, in 97 it was and still is Warren Sapp's fault we didn't win the SB - still would love Mooch to punch him on TV, and in 98 it was the Falcons, the stupid dirty bird and the injury to Hearst when we had our last great team of that decade.... and then the Rams for 5 years

Last year it was the Lions (I usually have a soft spot for them because of Barry Sanders), but Jim Schwarz and that lazy eye just makes me want them to lose. This year I haven't picked a team yet, The Cards and Seahawks are up there, while Eli Manning needs a good punch, but I think it might be one of the crappy teams this year like the Browns for just putting up with Mike Holmgren (he's a rubbish GM, just let him go), or the Chargers (seriously, how much love can Phillip Rivers get from the media, he's not that good). I'll probably make my mind up during the bye week, and if not Romo and the Cowboys.

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the CowPackRamBoys
Originally posted by ninermedic:
No hate for Detroit? Is that just me or is it bleeding over from MLB or what...?

How could you possibly hate a team that much that has been one of the worst teams in the NFL for the past 30+ years?
Cowboys and patriots. Used to hate the packers but I like Rodgers so they are ok with me for now. Used to hate the raiders but I like to see both teams do good, hate their fans though. f**k the rest of the NFC west to boot

Every time I see Victor Cruz do the salsa I want to vomit. It would not piss me off so much if he did not backfire saying it was for his grandma.
Originally posted by English:
Dallas. By several miles.

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