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Which NFL team do you hate most?

1. Seahawks
2. Cowpukes
3. Eagles
4. Rams
5. Cards
Cowboys of the 90s
Current Giants
The Broncos!
Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
In order of my hate

God, you and I have a lot in common we both hate the Hell out of The Broncos!!!!
Originally posted by ninermedic:
No hate for Detroit? Is that just me or is it bleeding over from MLB or what...?

They're back to where they should be now.

In no particular order
Any fan that didn't show up in the last 2 years should be typing the Cowboys.
In order of most hated:

1. Giants
2. Seahawks
3. Vikings
Niners! f**k everyone else!
Raiders, especially their fan base. Don't know s**t about football, they only like the colors because they think it makes them gangsters. f**king losers.

Originally posted by smithc28:
Detroit Lions, dunno why just can't f**king stand them, and i hate that Suh and Jim Schwartz the most. Despise them. All but Calvin Johnson, but it bugs me he plays for them.

I don't mind every other team though as majority have talent that i can appreciate and can be a joy to watch at times

Yeah, I find that my least favorite team changes depending on who their players are at the time. So rather, I'm more of player hater!

Yep. Detriot does bother me lately, Schwartz#1, Bradford just has the look on his face that I hate, and they make themselves out to be such an elite team... Funny though, because I liked Barry Sanders and the Lions were usually a team I pulled for in any non-49er related game.

Lately not so much. But during the Farve years, i hated GB more than I've hated any team before or after. You'd have to listen to the commentators do a "number" on Farve NO MATTER if he threw 3+ ints or 3+ TDs. so that bleed over to a hatred for the whole team.

Right now, my most hated team is unclear. I guess I'd have to ask myself which team I'd like to go 0-16 or which team I'd least want to win the SB.......
...... Cowboys.

Other teams that irritate me. Steelers (Big Ben), Carolina (Cam Newton), I'd say Jets, but they're just so funny and pitiful. East Coast bias was so funny Sunday night, I think ESPN's NFL homepage said something to the lines of... "Jets lose but play hard against patriots.".... with all the other story lines from Sundays games, that's what they had up top for awhile. HA!
1. Dallas
giants then cowboys then seahakws
Originally posted by 49ersHeroine:
God, you and I have a lot in common we both hate the Hell out of The Broncos!!!!

Originally posted by 49ersHeroine:
The Broncos!

are you from montana?

By far the cockiest team, coach, and fans. All over a franchise that has won exactly squat in their history.

I seriously don't get it.
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