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*** WEEK 5 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 10/4 - 10/8 ***

Now its time for sanchez to f**k up
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Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Our D is better than the Texans.

Ugh thats twice they burned time outs now for personel mix ups. Get it together Sparano!
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Our D is better than the Texans.


Of course it is. We give up the least points. The All the yards, catches, and runs are important, but not as important as what really counts. Points on the scoreboard. And we give up the least in the league.
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JJ Watt is goooood
JJ Watt as 8.5 sacks... Maddog was right!!
Watt is insanely good, as a unit I still place us ahead. I like Reed and Cushing is good but our LB core is the best in the league by a wide margin IMO.
Did they update Cushings status? I was away for awhile.
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madd dog be jizzin
Was Rex just rubbing his stomach for good luck right now???

Don't like either team but I'll root for the improbable Jets victory. Tired of everybody slurping the Texans. They do share man of our traits though except we SMASHED the Jets even with Alex's worst game this season. This is Monday night though so a bit of a bounceback was expected.
Can't believe with under 3 1/2 minutes the Jets are still in it...with the ball in position to win it with a score
Tebow time!
Jets are one dumb team though. At home, one timeout left and let the clock tick down so much. It may not cost them but small mistakes like this are what good teams do a great job limiting.
Holy s**t. The jest could win here!
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