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*** WEEK 5 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 10/4 - 10/8 ***

We're witnessing one of the best damn regular season teams to eventually lose in the Divisional round!
Our D is better than the Texans.
The Texans have already let the Jets score more points in the 1st quarter than we did all game.
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Jets scored a touchdown against the know what that means!
49ers D>>Houstons D
That settles it

Our D > Texans D

It is known
lol a run up the middle 50 yard gain
Texans are just another scrub team benefiting from an astoundingly easy schedule. Not impressed at all.
Texans = Not impressed

Plus, Alex is a lot sexier than Schaub
the Jets D woke up after the first drive
They both stink

Think they got screwed on the spot. the knee went down there not the ball
Challenge that spot, Rex.
It's f**king Tebow time
Get Sanchez out of the game. He's hot garbage.
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