BreakingStatement from Reuben Foster's ex-girlfriend says 49ers linebacker did not strike her

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Oh man that was 100% a pick 6 if it wasn't tipped.
Patrick Peterson is hugely gifted and has good ball skills. His cover skills could use some refining but his physical talents make up for it. The Cards O-Line is horrendous.
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Lol cardinals OL is trash
haha, Kolb gonna cry
3 rushers destroyed the entire Oline!
Lucky a$$ cards
lucky b*****d
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Wtf Long got held that's bs
pshhh raymac wouldve sacked him

Wow, cards getting helped by the refs
Holding Long so bad
Totally unimpressed by Cards or Rams. Cards are TOAST against the Niners D.
How do you miss that hold when only 3 men are rushing? Refs keep bailing these losers out.
The corner left his zone on that fitz catch.
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What a dumb DB on St. Louis... Why would you ever leave Fitzgerald???
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