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Steve Sabol Dead of Brain Cancer at 69

Really sad day for the NFL, Steve Sabol of NFL Films lost his battle with brain cancer today. I grew up watching NFL Films and most of my first football memories involve he and his fathers films. His voice is one I recognize as the voice of the NFL for most of my life.
I remember seeing him at his dad's induction ceremony and he had looked like he had aged 20 years in a matter of a few years. Rest in Peace Steve. You and your father have changed the NFL and fan's lives forever.

I grew up watching NFL Films.
Just saw Rich Eisen on NFL network about break down to tears making the announcement, kinda choked me up a little too.
wow, he was 69??? We're getting fkn old.
whoa rip

The impact and influence of Ed & Steve Sabol are beyond measure. American pioneers that influenced and altered our culture. Rest In Peace, Steve.
That sucks

watching "NFL Films Presents" on sunday mornings was a ritual in my home in the 70's ...their programs brought me a lot of joy, and it is still a source of comfort for me today .....god bless the Sabol Family
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Genuinely gonna miss this guy. He put together some great shows over the years.
What a f**king bummer. Not what I wanted to hear to start the day.