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Steve Sabol Dead of Brain Cancer at 69

Very sad!
Very sad. He seemed like such a decent man.
that sucks he will be missed!
An NFL pioneer - He helped make professional football "America's Favorite Sport"
We will surely miss Steve Sabol.He and his Dad made something unique and special for football fans, something that will live forever in football.
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Originally posted by IWASATTHECATCH:

The impact and influence of Ed & Steve Sabol are beyond measure. American pioneers that influenced and altered our culture. Rest In Peace, Steve.
Wow way too young to die. Sad to see such a great innovator pass. RIP Steve.
Originally posted by Memphis9er:
Just saw Rich Eisen on NFL network about break down to tears making the announcement, kinda choked me up a little too.

Me too, it was very sad indeed.
Hearing that God-like voice of John Facenda while watching Roger Staubach, Joe Namath, John Brodie and Fran Tarkenton will always be great memories. Thank you Ed and Steve Sabol. Big loss for the NFL fans the world over.
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RIP Steve. A true Pioneer. I say that both as an NFL fan and a film enthusiast.
Originally posted by lordfangio:

i like your panhandle.

RIP Steve Sabol

Thank you for your contributions in making the NFL the best sport on the planet.
Originally posted by susweel:

I grew up watching NFL Films.

RIP. Me too, enjoyed watching it.
Big loss there. I remembered he loved Hearst's run against the Jets
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