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*** WEEK 3 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 9/20 - 9/24 ***

I had A. Brown in a mock for us a few years ago

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jon beason is a JOKE.
Originally posted by Method:
jon beason is a JOKE.

no way man he is just as good as willis lulz
Panthers getting spanked at home after all the NFLN "experts" picked them to win
they just added 3 points to Carolina instead on the screen, lolz! I'm not the only one suffering through a snooze-fest..
We're about to see one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history.
down by 20 now cam is moving the ball

matbe alex was on to something lol
Originally posted by Method:
jon beason is a JOKE.

#1 All-Hype.
Beason sucks. Haven't really seen Cam play until tonight but he hasn't done anything.

They can have their raw grade plutonium QB, ill take the disciplined ice veined game winner in Alex every time. Never understood the obsession with Cam, i guess i just never trust rookies, hell my biggest worry this year was the coaching staff(due to still being new to the NFL) having some growing pains, mainly Greg Roman. But Harbaugh is just too diligent, to let anyone on his staff get worse. Anyways, forget all the other teams, i remember a few years back just watching other teams win and get primetime games and longing for the day red and gold would be back under the lights.

We're BACK!! And in the NFL forum too!! haha /rant
Cam Newton. Elite Superstar.
int by cam

pity game is over by halftime
awful awful throw. way behind him.
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