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*** WEEK 3 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 9/20 - 9/24 ***

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Schiano's still a f**king b***h

I would be upset if a team did that to us

But Id love it if we did it to another team.
Lions with miracle

Wow lions!!
shaun hill
SHAUN MFin HILL just launched a 50yd ball into the endzone w/no time left to tie it up for the Lions
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Let's trade back for Shaun Hill
So what happened to Stafford?
wut happened to stafford?
Shaun hill just got aTD to megatron and a 50 yard bomb

what a boss

Originally posted by captveg:
So what happened to Stafford?

broken taint
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Shaun Hill > Matthew Staford
LOL - Saints looking to lose to Chiefs in OT
i thought stafford was in the game lol
there's hella steelers fans in oakland

but im willing to bet that there were more niner fans in minnesota, but our fans were QUIET.
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