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Which Qb!

Which Qb!

Who would you guys take, after 2 games I'd have to say Alex, just in one game manning has throw 3 int's in one quarter!
5 years ago i wouldve laughed at this question but now i like smith better.
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How long would Peyton last taking the sacks Alex has taken so far?
If they were both making 24 million for 3 years I would probably take Peyton. Alex with this team and at 24 mil compared to 96 I go with Alex. Still winning a SB with Alex will feel 1000 times better than with Manning. It will be more earned... if we would have won it with Peyton people would have said we only won because of him.

Peyton (5) = 96 million
Alex (3), Carlos (4), Ahmad (5), Manningham (2), Cox (2), Moss (1), Jacobs (1) = 110 million
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Smith. He is a warrior. Peyton may be a little too fragile for me now.
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As of 2:28 am CDT on 11/11/12 this poll was at 92-8 in favor of Alex.
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Who the f**k is "Peton" Manning